Secure Log Collection

Speed your cloud migration with Fluentd Enterprise, featuring military-grade security, reliable connectivity, and world-class support.

Used by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and many more, Fluentd was invented by Treasure Data to easily collect, parse, and deliver massive amounts of data from applications, infrastructure, network devices, and log files. Fluentd Enterprise expands on that original vision and brings enterprise-grade security, stable connectivity to critical backend systems, and world-class support for your logging infrastructure.

  • End-to-End Security Fluentd Enterprise includes enhanced security capabilities to ensure your data is secured end-to-end with the highest encryption standards.
  • World-Class Support Treasure Data created Fluentd and MessagePack, and has helped deploy Fluentd in the largest cloud environments in the world. Our engineering team is available 24/7 to provide support and guidance for all your Fluentd Enterprise needs.
  • Certified Enterprise Plugins Fluentd Enterprise offers Treasure Data certified plugins to send your data to leading enterprise backends like Splunk, Amazon S3, Apache Kafka, and Apache Hadoop. Fluentd Enterprise helps you avoid vendor backend lock-in and optimizes your data streams.