Centralize Log Data into Apache Kafka with Ease & at Scale

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If Kafka is a Big Data Dam, Fluentd is a Smart Data Pipe

  • Smarter Topic Management Fluentd's tag-based message routing allows Kafka users to manage their topics better and route data to the correct destinations at scale. No more "death by a million topics."
  • In-stream Processing Instead of post-processing data offline and putting it back in Kafka, pre-process log data at source. Bringing processing logic to the edge reduces data-to-decision latency and enables more real-time decisions. Simplify your data pipeline and focus on analyzing data.
  • Security & Reliability Custom-coded Kafka Producer and Consumer code can be hard to secure and maintain. Ensure end-to-end security with Enterprise Fluentd. All data is encrypted in-flight and at rest. Make the rest of your data pipeline as reliable as Kafka.

Industry Leaders Run on Fluentd

Thousands of enterprises run on Fluentd. Here's a few of them.

How Fluentd Enterprise Complements Kafka

  • Intelligence at Edge Leverage plugins to collect, parse, filter and process log data at the edge for efficient real-time analytics. We help author custom plugins to meet your unique needs.
  • Route Data Anywhere Modern application infrastructure runs on best-of-breed backends. Archive raw logs to S3, post events to Kafka, run machine learning on Hadoop and search and analyze on Splunk.
  • DevOps Tools Integration Pre-packaged with Chef, Puppet and Ansible out of the box. Other infrastructure as code toolchain supported upon request.
  • End-to-End Security Penetration-tested and hardened to secure logs from inception to consumption. Stay secure in the new age of multi-cloud and hybrid computing.
  • Reliable Transport Apache Kafka is only as reliable as data pipelines connected to it. Built-in high-availability for ensure no data loss even over unstable or intermittent network. No extra software required for buffering or de-duping data.
  • Cloud & On-Premises We support all deployment models. Whether you are using Confluent Cloud or Kafka on your datacenter, we've got your back.

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