Capture and Unify Log Events Across Pods, Nodes and Containers

Fluentd is the most popular log management tool running on Docker

Production-Grade Logging for Kubernetes

Are you setting up cloud native logging for Kubernetes? Have you tried setting up logging pods and had questions?

Do you want to send logs to multiple systems such as Splunk, Elastic and Hadoop from your containers?

Fluentd Enterprise provides the basis for smart and secure logging for your Kubernetes.

Why Fluentd Enterprise on Kubernetes?

  • Smart Routing Containers come and go all the time, making it critical to collect and send their logs to the right place reliably. Fluentd Enterprise's tag-based routing is a perfect fit for address complex routing needs for container logs.
  • Lightweight When millions of containers are deployed, every megabyte counts. Fluentd and Fluent Bit use minimum memory & CPU necessary to get the job done.
  • Proven Community Fluentd is the most used logging software on Docker and the default logging agent for many Kubernetes distributions. Using Fluentd Enterprise means you don't need to replace what's running -just making it more robust.

Industry Leaders Run on Fluentd

Thousands of enterprises run on Fluentd. Here's a few of them.

How is Fluentd Enterprise Different?

  • Intelligence at Edge Leverage plugins to collect, parse, filter and process log data at the edge for efficient real-time analytics. We help author custom plugins to meet your unique needs.
  • Route Data Anywhere Modern application infrastructure runs on best-of-breed backends, including but not limited to Splunk. Archive raw logs to S3, post events to Kafka, run machine learning on Hadoop and search and analyze on Splunk.
  • DevOps Tools Integration Pre-packaged with Chef, Puppet and Ansible out of the box. Other infrastructure as code toolchain supported upon request.
  • End-to-End Security Penetration-tested and hardened to secure logs from inception to consumption. Stay secure in the new age of multi-cloud and hybrid computing.
  • Reliable Transport Built-in high-availability for ensure no data loss even over unstable or intermittent network. No extra software required for buffering or de-duping data.
  • Cloud & On-Premises Cloud native logging is not exclusive to public clouds but should be adopted on private clouds and data centers. Fluentd Enterprise supports all Kubernetes infrastructure.

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