Fluentd Enterprise is designed for IT organizations that need reliable and secure log management across data centers and multiple cloud providers. Fluentd Enterprise brings powerful security for your log data, certified data connectors to reliably route your data, and a customer partnership with Treasure Data.

  • End-to-End Security Fluentd Enterprise offers additional security features including out-of-the-box support for secure transmission, AES-256 bit encryption at rest, and key security features to popular enterprise data connector backends.

    Fluentd Enterprise is also security-reviewed and penetration-tested against the most stringent standards to ensure that all vulnerabilities throughout the application stack and protocol are resolved.
  • Enterprise Data Connectors Fluentd Enterprise ships with enterprise connectors to leading enterprise backends such as Splunk, Kafka, Amazon S3, Treasure Data and more .

    These data connectors have all been performance optimized and certified to ensure that your logging infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. We work with vendors and the community to ensure forward- and backward-compatibility so that your logging infrastructure is always up to date with zero maintenance cost.
  • Monitoring and Management Fluentd Enterprise offers plugins to popular monitoring and management tools to ensure that your logging infrastructure is running efficiently and without problems. Fluentd Enterprise also brings out of the box capabilities to measure throughput and performance of data connectors.