Unify Security, Application and Infrastructure Events and Optimize ROI

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80% of data inside Splunk is unused

Is Your Splunk Bill Getting Too Expensive?

Do you send all logs to Splunk by default but end up using very little?

Fluentd Enterprise helps major financial institutions and other Fortune 500 enterprises optimize their Splunk bills with the unified logging layer.

How Does Fluentd Save on My Splunk Bills?

  • Filter and Route Smarter Splunk charges by the amount of data sent, so let’s only send relevant logs and store raw logs economically elsewhere such as Amazon S3 and Hadoop Filesystem. Make every byte count on Splunk.
  • Process More at Edge Offload routine parsing and processing to Fluentd Enterprise so that Splunk can focus on advanced search and analytics, saving CPU on Splunk servers. Better performance means more efficient operations.
  • Splunk Index Friendly Formatting Transform and parse at the edge to create new indices to make Splunk searches faster and more efficient on the server.

Industry Leaders Run on Fluentd

Thousands of enterprises run on Fluentd. Here's a few of them.

How Fluentd Enterprise Complements Splunk

  • Intelligence at Edge Leverage plugins to collect, parse, filter and process log data at the edge for efficient real-time analytics. We help author custom plugins to meet your unique needs.
  • Route Data Anywhere Modern application infrastructure runs on best-of-breed backends, including but not limited to Splunk. Archive raw logs to S3, post events to Kafka, run machine learning on Hadoop and search and analyze on Splunk.
  • DevOps Tools Integration Pre-packaged with Chef, Puppet and Ansible out of the box. Other infrastructure as code toolchain supported upon request.
  • End-to-End Security Penetration-tested and hardened to secure logs from inception to consumption. Stay secure in the new age of multi-cloud and hybrid computing.
  • Reliable Transport Built-in high-availability to ensure no data loss even over unstable or intermittent network. No extra software required for buffering or de-duping data.
  • Cloud & On-Premises Both Splunk Enterprise and Cloud are supported to help IT teams in each phase of cloud transformation.

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